So building a team for a hackathon is time-consuming and a tedious task. You might end up scrolling the discord team-formation challenge for hours and still be left without a complete team just before hacking begins.


The app inculcates the recommendation system and helps you filter your results by timezone, skills, previous hackathon experience and tech stack. You can either register as a team or a team member and look for teammates or a team.


We used mongodb, express, react, node.js (MERN) stack and deploy it on firebase and heroku. ML with python / sci-kit learn.

Team Building Skills

Communication, dealing with teammates in different time zones were some of the major challenges we faced.

Building the app

Learnt about new techs like firebase and heroku. Also, we learnt about training datasets and ml models

Future work

We aim to make the app completely and possibly get various hackathon participants to use it for team building in future hackathons.

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