Inspiration We wanted to design a game for the oculus rift, but it did not work with our computer and we didn't know what else to do, so we decided to use java to put together a pacman game and came up with the title "Hackman" as a pun.

What it does It's really just Pacman. It may not be a very original project, but we spent a good amount of time putting it together and learned a bit more about java, considering we basically learned how to code in java from a friend within an hour.

How we built it We looked at some free examples online to help us as a guide to how the program should look because my partner never coded anything before this and I usually use C++ which is pretty different. We took notes on how to set it up and then worked on making the game our own (as much as something like Pacman could be our own) from there.

Challenges we ran into There were a lot of bugs in the code and as we type this there are still some left so we aren't entirely sure that the game will run, but you can see we put effort into the code and had a pretty long night looking up java tutorials online to try to understand the language better. Even if our project wasn't necessarily a success, we still learned a lot from it so we feel like that's a job well done anyway.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We are proud that we managed to spend almost a whole night learning some of the ins and outs of this language because although the program we have written may not succeed, we at least learned some java which is pretty cool and can help us with future projects.

What we learned We learned how to write a little bit of java and that the success of a program isn't necessarily more important than the effort put into the program.

What's next for Hackman If we can get the program running, we would like to figure out a way to customize the game a bit more.

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