The entire team came up with the creativity that is in our amazing children’s app. So many ideas were brought up, but few made it to the initial app.

Good team work !

What it does

  • Rockadoodle Health and Fitness App:
  • Choose your own avatar and user name
  • Fun filled individual and family activities
  • Level UP!
  • Earn points to purchase rewards
  • Challenge with your friends

How we built it

  • Bhargavi whipped out the HTML Activity log page with intresting activities
  • Lori was the power point and image wizard the power point
  • Sadio rocked the HTML Account Stats and Leader Board Pages
  • Sandy developed the Android App and Landing Page
  • Sarah master minded web server CSS and developed the HTML food activities page
  • Michelle cranked on the Rewards page

Challenges we ran into

Surprisingly few challenges!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Scoped project well the first night Came up with a workable game plan for a minimally viable project Divided up tasks to leverage skills

What we learned

Playing to your teammates strengths is awesome

What's next for Team 1

Celebrate our successes!

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