We wanted to help bring the community together to play a fun mobile game that anyone can enjoy everywhere.

What it does

The game is made up of two teams collecting objectives and interacting with the world around them to score more points while having fun and interacting with others. The focus of this project was to make an interesting game that got people moving and interacting with one another!

How we built it

Through blood, sweat, and tears while wearing our googly eyes. A couple of sleepless nights and a strong will to learn about new technology. (Lots of RedBull too!)

Challenges we ran into

The challenge of using google cloud as a full deployment solution while having no prior group experience in the platform whatsoever. It was also challenging to integrate google maps as the base of our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of having our game deployed and working on google cloud! We had a meeting about what we wanted to do on Friday and we were able to effectively split of tasks to make a working product with no prior experience with Google cloud, Material design components, and google maps API.

What we learned

We all learned development skills in Google's cloud and make a couple javascript solutions work inside of it, of course with limited documentation. Being able to work with the maps API and Material Design all together reinforces our skills as developers who can work with unique solutions on interesting projects that do good for all.

What's next?

We plan on keeping up with the game in the future and hope to expand this game into something communities everywhere can eventually enjoy! We all had an amazing experience at the KU Hackathon and are planning on going to more as a team in the future!

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