Hack KU 2020 This project was created by Sean Cunningham, Camden Knupp, and Joshua Berkley for the HackKU2020 event.

We set out to design a city-building game where the user can customize their own city infrastructure in an environment where each building has a cost and a benefit. Users can freely design the layout of their city while managing funding, power, population, and income per minute.

The main challenge we faced when making this project was learning the skills we needed to accomplish our goal. None of us are very familiar with unity, and some of us were new to utilizing git for development collaboration. Much of our time was spent learning about different C# properties and resolving merge conflicts.

Each team member helped in all areas, but each also stood out in their own way: Camden was the lead model designer, creating the buildings that the user can place, as well as the 3D main menu. Josh developed the system of placing and rotating buildings and roads, a crucial element in a city designing game. Sean developed the data structures and statistical calculations, and connected the team's different work together into one cohesive model.

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