Calendar Synth

The central idea for our project was a calendar synthesis program, which allows us to take database information from our personal web calendars and match them with our friends' to view possible times for us to make appointments, hang out, etc.

We believed that creating a calendar synthesis program was the best choice surrounding the theme of "software giving back to the community" because in a time where technology has become so heavily integrated into our daily lives, sometimes we neglect other aspects of our lives -- our physical relationships with our friends and family. This web application serves to alert the user of free time in their schedule to dedcate to family, friends, self, etc.

The calendar synthesis program sports a sleek, minimalist design for aesthetic and utility. We featured and delivered our main purpose via the use of html and designed it with css. A large proponent behind the design of the website was the recommendation and use of

As for the logic of the program, javascript was used. However, this was a long journey coming to because initially Python and Django were used for the logic and the website design. After an early Saturday morning and evening, we all mutually agreed to start from scratch: meaning that we would translate our code in Python over to Javascript and scrapping our work in Dejango for our website to HTML/CSS. After a long day and night's work, all three of us want to proudly present Calendar Synth!

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