We saw three big problems in our country. First of all, there is no place that holds every information about universities and secondary schools and a lot of the times, every website is different and confusing. This creates a problem, where students find it hard to collect needed information about the school they want to go to. Another problem was, that lots of students go abroad for believing that the abroad schools are better, not even giving the Slovak universities a chance. Our app will show them also the fun part of uni life in Slovakia, which will motivate them to stay in Slovakia. Lastly, students usually do not know what they want to do, but they know what subjects they like. Therefore, we created a special function, where students can input their A levels and our app will generate them the possible professions they could do, and show them where in Slovakia they can study them.

What we learned is patience, team work and we improved in our coding skills.

We firstly thought of this app and we designed the details and how we wanted everything to be. We focused on the functionality and plan to do the UI tommorrow.

We worked together at the same time, therefore some of our challanges were merge conflicts, but we learned to handle them with a smile and positive attitude.

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