We wanted to have something that compiles a lot of useful apps because we've never really seen anything like that before and we wanted everyone to be able to use it.

What it does

Our personal assistant has multiple apps which all have different purposes, some useful things and some games.

How I built it

My teammates and I split up the work and I did the news app, calculator, minesweeper game, and the notes app. Mishti did the music playlist, the dictionary, and Eshaan worked on the Jokes app.

Challenges I ran into

We were really crunched for time but we handled it the best we could.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned how to create a working "website" and we learned how to really collaborate as a team.

What I learned

I learned that you can use multiple languages in conjunction with each other and I learned how to create a news or a streaming app.

What's next for HackJPS Personal Assistant

We want to polish off all of our apps and we can keep adding more to it, which is what I like about this project - it could be never ending!

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