Food is the single most important element in our lives without a doubt, but coming up with the right menu is not always easy. "What's Dinner?" was made to assist you with selecting AND cooking the dishes that are ideal for you.

Send us a message and we will come up with the best choice for you, depending on your personal preferences and ingredients you've got in your refrigerator!

Whenever you are starving at late night after a long day's work, we don't have a slightest idea to think of what to eat anymore.

What it does

What's Dinner? chatbot solves this frustration perfectly by suggesting possible options and offering a vegetarian/meat-lover option to suit your needy tastebuds!

How I built it

Using the facebook-chatbot-platform to start a chatbot from scratch.

The data we feed in is fetched from the Spoonnacular API.

Challenges We ran into

We tried to use Skygear-Server, however, some unsolveable-at-the-time errors popped up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Code out a chatbot and use an API in such a short time.

What I learned

To look for faster solutions and not let the slow ones stagger your path.

What's next for hackJam2016-Honors Club

We can get data on food nutrition to even provide a calorie counter for each suggestion, so users can have a healthier option.

Built With

  • facebook-chatbot-platform
  • node.js
  • pouchdb
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