A problem the world faces today is that not enough people are gaming the system in casinos. We've all seen the movie 21, but no one knows what the heck Kevin Spacey is telling those kids to actually be doing to take the bank. We're here to help the average man achieve slightly above average dreams.

What it does

We built two separate functionalities. First, we built a site integrated with a BlackJack library in order to properly show how the card counting formula works. Second, we built an iOS and Apple Watch paired app that let's you keep track of the formula in real time, in a discreet manner.

How we built it

The site is built with the LAMP stack hosted on Azure. There was an awesome open source JavaScript BlackJack simulator we used in order to show how the counting works in real time. The iOS/AW app was made in Xcode 7 with Swift 2. We also have an API for a database that we ended up not using, and are only a little bit bitter about wasting time on that.

Challenges we ran into

It turns out sending information to the Apple Watch from iOS wasn't as straightforward as I thought. Part of the reason the API got thrown out the window is because of an issue we ran into with not being able to use HTTP with the watch, and not having a certificate to allow us to use HTTPS. Eventually we just scrapped the database and are keeping track of the information natively on the apps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was my (Robert's) first time working with an Apple Watch and Chase's first time putting together a full-fledged website. Even though we got a lot less sleep done than we would have had we taken on a challenge we're more familiar with, we're both happy that we feel a lot more comfortable on the previously mysterious environments.

What we learned

Changing language syntax constantly can make things very confusing. CSS is hard. PHP takes way too long to debug. Next project: learn better alternatives to PHP.

What's next for HackJack

We like how HackJack turned out and will continue hosting the site, since we believe it to be informative. The iOS app, while less practical, will ideally be refined and pushed for mass distribution.

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