Wanted to play with the cool arduino badges that I was given, so I decided to control it from an Android device. Since there wasn't a wi-Fi module of a blutooth module, I decided to use an auxilliary cable to transfer signals from the phone to the badge then show the appropriate pattern or send the appropriate patter to another badge, but for some strange reason that didn't work out (probably due to how low the current earphones use) When that didn't work out, I decided to make a communicationless virtual board, and one thing led to another, and boom! BoilerMake Hackitivity meter was born.


The app keeps track of your hackitivity by keeping track of your caffeine intake, hours of sleep gotten, and other stuff like when a break was last taken. Using this information it suggests activitiese.g "You should probably go to a tech talk", "You should take a break, go talk to other teams"

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