Information Hub For Quick Stock and News Information

We wanted to develop a web-page which could display a substantial amount of relevant information in a visually pleasing manner. Our site pulls information from several APIs including AlphaVantage, Forbes, and Business Insider for stock prices and breaking news respectively. Our algorithm displays the net increase or decrease of the current weekly price of any given stock compared to it's average for the year. Along the bottom of the page, a series of current news articles run across the screen, informing the reader of any possible crises or miracles which could impact their portfolio management decisions. Directly above that is a constant Bitcoin ticker which displays a similar net increase/decrease in price, juxtaposing it's 'Return On Investment' to a slew of other conventional stocks. Additionally, we implemented a visually pleasing particle system which subversively encourages the user as to which stocks/crypto currencies they should invest in. On the right side of the screen, a simplistic and dynamically varying clock informs the user of the precise date and time, as they count down to the next time series interval which fetches updated stock/news data.

Although not indicated with any significant visual representation, our team also wrote an algorithm to match stock symbols and names with keywords from the fetched articles, and to further scrub the articles for other keywords indicating a positive or negative connotation with respect to the corporation. With this information, the algorithm would potentially recommend, or at least visualize, the positive/negative current news articles involving its name.

While the initially displayed stocks are pulled from a local JSON file, the user is also able to input a stock symbol to add it to the main hub page.

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