This app basically solves my problems. I wanted to participate in all hackathons and contests this vacation. But I lost track of events. Thus the idea of creating an app came to me.

What it does

1. Gets all hackathons from the MLH website
2. Fetches Contests From the Codeforces Api. 

How I built it

I made an android app with Java. Jsoup was used for web scraping the MLH events page. Since Codeforces includes an API. It was easier to make an API get request using OKHttp. Finally Picasso framework was used to load images from the web.

Challenges I ran into

The most difficult thing was threading and loading images into the app dynamically from an URL. After a lot of trouble i used Picasso framework.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fast Prototyping .

What I learned

How to webscrap from android. Make API get Requests. Loading image from url

What's next for HackIT

  1. I would like to create a alarm for each contest, so that, when a contest or hackathon is near, a notification will arrive.
  2. Subscribing to specific contest to daily monitor them.
  3. Showing updates about each subscribed contest/hackathons

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