The problem your project solves On an individual level, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought on a great deal of anxiety. Individuals worry about their health and safety, and that of their loved ones. What contributes to this anxiety is the lack of information about how the virus has impacted their community at a local level, added to the fact that they have lost connection with the people around them. Due to uncertainty about the virus, people isolating at home with worsening COVID-19 symptoms may not call for medical help early enough when they enter the second, more severe, phase of the virus, thus making their chances of survival lower, while others might go to the hospital with very few symptoms.

The solution you bring to the table The outlook of HacKIT-19 is that we are stronger together. HacKIT-19 is a community-driven platform that uses data and web technology to engage citizens in protecting themselves and their community. As an easy-to-use web app, HacKIT-19 uses self-reported symptoms to build a clearer picture of the degree of COVID-19 infection around an individual, so that everyone - individuals and families - can make safer decisions.

Self-assessment: Self-diagnosis for an individual and their family is done through an easy-to-complete questionnaire. After completing this self-assessment, users will be suggested the most appropriate course of action based on their symptoms. By creating an ‘individual’ or ‘family profile’, users have the ability to continue to track and monitor the symptoms of COVID-19 for themselves or everyone in their family, even if they don’t live under the same roof.

Heat map: Individuals can check their neighbourhood on the map to see how others are feeling. This information is never personally identifiable.

Queues: Using the ‘Queues’ feature, individuals present at an operating business share how crowded it is. This information is updated in real time, so that others in the community can decide when it’s the best time to go out.

My hood: Everyone faces a range of emotions during these difficult times. Through the upcoming feature, ‘My hood’, the emotions that individuals decide to share are mapped to create a collective experience of mutual support for one another.

Informed Decision Making: On another level, HacKIT-19 provides data to Government and NGOs so that they can better understand the impact of the virus in order to provide support and take action within communities.

What you have done during the weekend During the weekend, we continued to build the tools, and improve upon the user experience in all facets of the web app. In addition, we have made it our mission to outline to the user how their privacy is our priority. Through our incredible mentors, we worked on the value proposition of the web app and improved the business development plan. We had the opportunity to be in contact with pragmatic and experienced people, which is useful in considering realistic plans when it comes to making HacKIT-19 real for users. We received confirmation that nothing is better than having feedback from the people who will use the tool thanks to the survey we distributed this weekend about HacKIT-19 in our networks.

The solution's impact to the crisis The impact of our solution on the crisis is that by using HacKIT-19’s tools, an individual can help everyone in their community. By collecting data in real time, the impact of Coronavirus on communities becomes visible, so that measures can be taken to slow its spread. Our solution democratizes information, and builds stronger, more resilient communities through collective contribution. Our collaborative tools offer communities the ability to help each other make safer decisions, decide the best time to visit an operating business, and offer each other emotional support.

The necessities in order to continue the project With resources and support, we can take HacKIT-19 to the next level. Funding would allow us to upgrade our Azure account in order to handle higher amounts of web traffic, and to hire a web designer who can give our site a polish, and make our web app responsive. With the help of mobile developers, we can build a mobile app version of HacKIT-19. Through communications and advertising we can build a strong user base for obtaining representative samples, and make the heat map more accurate. To be implemented in the shortest amount of time, HacKIT-19 would benefit from the support of local health authorities where it will be rolled out, for expertise and eligibility.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis The tools that we are developing can be adapted to other kinds of diseases or social needs (for example, to identify domestic violence, social aid, mental health issues, etc.) So authorities can focus their efforts on:

  1. Citizens who can raise their personal level of awareness regarding these topics
  2. Citizens can make informed decisions (about the places/areas they decide) to go out based on their neighbors’ contributions

The source would be information validated by health authorities.

HacKIT-19 could be used as first-level screening for seasonal diseases in order to decongest medical services, doctors or emergency numbers. In countries where medical infrastructure is not very strong, it can be a tool for medical follow up servicing the community.

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