There was a gap in education that we knew we could fill. Many children prefer to play games over reading a book. We built an interactive read along game. Using the children's book format, the reader should have no problem interacting with the virtual world around them.

When someone uses our VR Storybook they are transported into the book. As they read the words in the environment, VR Storybook picks up on there voice and the story will unfold around them. We used Windows voice recognition to parse and return a real time string of the readers voice. This information is then put through our voice recognition script written in C#. This script reads the stream of string data to identify trigger words. These trigger words will then be passed onto an animation script which interacts with the our beagle asset. The beagle will then respond and react to the readers input.

This was all of our teams first time diving into unity. One of us had an adequate understanding of C#, the other two were familiar. We learned a lot about Unity and how to properly integrate scripts, assets, and some of the basics of game control.

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