We are designing a board game of our own, and we needed an API to develop and test our game. Our project provides tools to not only test our game but any tabletop game.

How it works

Our API provides a base set of mechanics, systems, and statistics needed to analyze tabletop games. This API can be implemented in a variety of projects to simulate game mechanics and allow for the easy implementation of a turn by turn statistical analysis of a game.

Challenges I ran into

Designing everything from scratch while maintaining the abstractness needed for our API to be implemented into almost any game without placing too many constraints on the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing every aspect of our API into four radically different tabletop games ranging from blackjack to war to shut the box to UNO!.

What I learned

The importance of writing code that kept the right level of abstraction while ensuring concrete methods still exist. Also, this presented one of the few opportunities to program in a collaborative setting which was critical to designing such a large API. Additionally, this was my first exposure to GitHub, and it was extremely useful for utilizing the value of this type of software.

What's next for HackISU_Spring


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