Hack river lagoon LionFishSlayerNet (We make high tech lionfish extermination tools)

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How it works

Our project makes it easy to automate the identification and tracking of invasive species in the IRL.

In order to achieve this, we modified layers of a MATLAB CNN called alexnet and retrained with 1400 lionfish images.

Our deep learning software is called LionFishSlayerNet. Yeah, it's dope!

A Raspberry Pi is used as a target for the CNN.

A camera module connected to the Pi captures images that are fed to LionFishSlayerNet.

LionFishSlayerNet makes a prediction on the image. if it thinks it's a lionfish, it will stop and send data to an IoT cloud over wifi in real time.

The data is available here: https://thingspeak.com/channels/618366.

The data tells you, when the image was taken, where it was taken, and how confident the neural net is that it's a LionFish.

Boom! A.I and IoT do all the work while we sit back and relax.

LionFishSlayerNet can be trained to identify any other invasive species if you have a big enough dataset. The possibilities are endless!


Deep learning matlab support package Alexnet matlab package Raspberry Pi matlab hardware support package

Current Issues

Loss in accuracy when dealing with non-lionfishes Requires proximity to subject

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