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What it Does

DailEQs is a Pebble math game that helps users increase their mental agility. Practice your arithmetic conveniently and on the go with these daily equations.

Why should I put DailEQs on my Pebble?

Had I been using an application like DailEQs on my smartphone for the past month, the amount of careless arithmetic mistakes that I'm going to make on my next math midterm would have been drastically smaller.

The fact that Pebble applications are somewhat limited in complexity compared to other smart devices is more of a blessing than a curse. Not only is the battery life great in comparison, but the amount of distractions that come with smart phones is diminished. This makes the Pebble an ideal platform for easy to access study tools.


We came to HackingEDU with a one main goal, to study for our Discrete Math midterm.

We ended up learning a lot about the Pebble SDK, Pebble JS, and C.

As with most math courses, calculators will not be allowed during our Discrete Math exam. Most students would agree that the availability of calculators while doing homework is a crutch when it comes to test preparation. Practicing arithmetic daily on your pebble is a great way to improve your test taking abilities and confidence.

We decided on the drive up from UCSC that we would make a Pebble App. Our team member Sean owns a Pebble Time and it was an opportunity for us all to learn something completely new. Originally we set out to make an Alarm application that made you solve a math problem to snooze. We noticed that there was a lack of math puzzle games on the Pebble appstore, so we changed direction after a few hours of coding the alarm in C.

Planned Improvements

Highscore Storage Option to change difficulty Improve the equation generation algorithm to create more unique equations

About Us

We're a team of four third year Computer Science majors at UCSC. All of us just transferred in from California community colleges. This was our first Hackathon and won't be our last.

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