Hacking Arts 2018 Hackathon (http://hackingarts.com/hackathon-2018/) Fun, experimenting with VR Apple-Picking: Nostalgia for a different world is a virtual reality experience around the fall pastime of apple-picking that hopes to be a commentary on the effects of climate change. Set in the year 2050, we take the user through a journey where they can re-live some amazing memories but also feel how our world has been altered. Through this experience, we wanted to bring climate change closer to home and talk about it in a way that would connect with more people and have a larger impact. For example, we often talk about what’s happening to icebergs when we talk about climate change, but the reality is we don’t see or live near icebergs, and so we think about it less. But many of us, especially in the Northeast, go apple-picking.

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