Inspiration for Hacking Slash

We wanted to recreate the classic "hack n' slash" game play of old arcade titles like gauntlet. We also decided to make the game allow up to 4 players battle monsters simultaneously so we allowed for different key mappings to the different classes.

What it does

The game spawns enemies, allows for up to 4 players, creates a boss after defeating enough enemies and tracks the health of all players and monsters.

How we built it

Built in PyGame, the project was constructed with all the art provided by the team. Both Nancy and Richelle hand drew some very cute sprites to use in game. Music is a open license song from a team member's friend and all sound effects are freely licensed from Run the game with the command >python

Challenges we ran into

Keeping all the project assets straight in the program and fine tuning the animation/balancing of the game play was our biggest challenge. We created over 56 art assets alone for Hacking Slash!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In our 36 Hours, we created a fully functioning, fun to play game that looks great!

What We learned

We learned everyone from all experience levels can help. Even with limited computer science classes, we can work together to make a great project

What's next for Hacking Slash

We want to make each class have different attacks and weaknesses. We wanted to add more enemies and bosses. Maybe even add a story!

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