Do you feel that there is a lack of diversity in the teams at hackathons? Are you anxious about attending hackathon because you have not managed to form a team in advance? Are you unsure if your non-technical skills will be valued by your team? Fret not! We bring to you a platform where you can put your skills upfront and connect with other people going to the same hackathon and are looking to welcome a member to their team. We hope to break the stereotype that there is no space for people with strong non-technical skills at hackathon and reinforce the fact that soft skills do matter! Registering yourself on 'Hacking Buddies' for your next hackathon can be your first step to welcoming diversity of skills and forming your winning team!

We believe that our platform is not only relevant for Hackathon but also for any event that involves teaming up with people of diverse skills to address a problem and solve it and hence, it can be extended for events for start-ups and corporations.

What it does

The android application “Hacking Buddies” allows users to register and create an account using their e-mail and entering a username and password. Once this simple registration is complete, the users can log back in and create their profile. They are asked to enter their technical skills as well as their soft skills and mention their area of interest. The user can choose to only be identified by their username and only put forward their skills (which we think takes away a lot of bias). The users have the option to link their profile to public sites such as Linkedin and GitHub if they wish to do so, but its completely up to them if they wish to show off their portfolio and reveal their name and identity on this platform. After the user has entered these simple information, the app takes care of the rest and creates a informal, friendly bio for the user using the key words in the field of technical and non-technical skills and uses an avatar for profile picture. Now that the profile is created, the users can search for hackathon they are interested to participate in and then click on the event and view the profiles of all the other participants who are also going to the same event and have put forward their skills and wants to form a team. If a user finds any profile with the skills that matches, he/she can connect using in-app messaging and start a conversation - which is the first step of forming the winning team!

How we built it

The Android App was developed using Android studio, with integration of Google Firebase APIs include: authentication, cloud database. The prototype of the Hacking Buddies app was built using MockingBot.

Challenges we ran into

Our team initially had 5 members but one member was unable to participate and hence we had to improvise and plan our hack differently. We had great difficulty collaborating and hacking our product as a team because of the different versions of android studio installed in each member's computer. We had trouble trying to collaborate using Git. Unfortunately, the emulator of android studio also stopped working which we caused a great hassle for the entire team.

we're proud of

We are incredibly proud of the effort and energy we have put into our idea and product despite facing so many challenges in the 24 hour hack. Our team was made up of two IT students, a chemical engineer and a biomedical engineer and yet we managed to bring all our strengths together and hack in this competition. This was a great learning experience for all of us and we are very inspired to see the amazing projects that our fellow hackers built in this intense competition. We can't wait to hack again and be inspired!

What we learned

The most important things are to remain positive at all times, give the best shot, continue to learn and not giving up - no matter what!

What's next for Hacking Buddies

At our first technical hackathon, we have learned a lot and felt truly inspired by the amazing products built in the competition. We are going to continue hacking and bring the idea of 'Forming a Winning Team' to life!

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