A common question when visiting the doctor is, "Have you traveled recently?" Normally, this diagnostic question is limited by the doctors knowledge of current areas affected by disease. But what if doctors could find out what diseases where prevalent wherever the patient traveled? Our program uses the IMO database of doctor logs to find out why various patients are visiting the hospital. Many diseases have similar symptoms, leaving a list of possibilities. We allow you to query IMO's database, and tell you how many occurrences are within the given zip code. Doctors can use this data to make a more educated assessment of the possible diseases. Doctors can enter any number of key phrases that they wish to search, and a zip code to search in. The program will then present a table containing the key phrase and occurrences within the database. But this is just the beginning. We also have the capability to search nearby zip codes within a nearby radius automatically. With full access to the IMO database, we could expand our search and get a more accurate assessment of its prevalence.

Built With

  • geonames-api
  • imo-api
  • java
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