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What is Hackifier?

Hackifier is an easily configurable and deployable hackathon management system. It does everything from letting hackers apply to letting organizers manage, accept, and review their hackers, to even permission-ing internal teams/tools.

Why is Hackifier?

Every year, hackathons all over the country develop their own internal infrastructure in to let hackers apply, manage applications, and keep everything in line. These systems need to be both robust, secure, and usable to technical and non-technical people alike. Yet essentially, minus some polish and gizmos, all these systems are the same. Our goal was to democritize the process of creating and organizing hackathons (and other events) so that anyone can easily gather people for a common mission.

How is Hackifier?

Hackifier is a grails (groovy on rails) application that runs on the JVM. For persistence it uses hibernater + JDBC making it very easy to use with a wide variety of database providers. For security we used bcrypt to ensure that user data is kept confidential.

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