Emote is an Alexa Skill created for the Amazon Echo.


  • To help people manage their emotions
  • Especially geared towards young children with developmental disabilities such as Autism, Asperger's, anxiety, or anger management problems
  • They might find it easier to talk to Alexa, not a real person
  • Other people tend to have emotional responses that can aggravate or intensify a child’s response to a situation. * Alexa’s calm and consistent demeanor doesn’t fluctuate or get tired.

Main Idea

  • Tell Alexa: “I am feeling _____”
  • Alexa responds with suggestions of how to manage that emotion
  • There will be multiple steps to the interaction
  • Suggestions range from playing music from Spotify to walking user through a countdown exercise.

Problems We Encountered

  • New technology
  • Amazon Echo is only 2 years old
  • Limited resources
  • Ability to maintain the connection, it doesn’t just close after 1 interaction
  • Multiple-step interactions are in Beta testing, so implementing them is buggy and without much information for issues.

Next Steps

  • Fully implement and expand
  • Add more depth to every emotion
  • Connect other Alexa skills within this skill: Starting an alarm, accessing a To-Do list, ordering pizza.
  • Once Alexa matures, improve the start of the skill for better fluidity and natural speech patterns
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