We're a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to calculate their fuel consumption costs along with their carbon footprint in emissions.

There already are fuel consumption calculators, but all of them have fancy jargon and are not integrated into an existing navigational service. Our extension is easy to access and transfers seamlessly and painlessly to any navigational service. It is a practical tool that will help people become more aware of the personal monetary costs and the environmental costs that come with inefficient driving.

My whole team had little to no experience in CSS, HTML, and JS, but we learned as we go through Youtube tutorials and W3schools.

The extension's calculator is slow, however the code is valid as its webpage makes fast calculations. We are still trying to figure out why the extension suddenly is prohibiting us from calculating (it was fully functioning a few hours ago).

We envision users to use this extension when planning trips on Google Maps. You just need to put in the miles you will be traveling and your car's MPG (miles per gallon) to get the cost and carbon footprint calculation. We provide a list of average MPGs of the top 10 most common cars in the United States so that users can access relevant info quickly.

We want to create a more dynamic dataset in the future where the MPG values we offer as reference are based on the exact car model (And thus more accurate). We will stick with our idea that this feature should not require a lot of effort to use.


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