A true to life interview experience that provides meaningful feedback based on powerful analytics. The user is presented with sentiment and self bias analysis, excessive use of filler words, or repetition, and response confidence level.

Story Behind the Project

Throughout the teams undergraduate degree, we each had various interviewing backgrounds, however, the common trend was clear cut. Interviews are challenging. Regardless of the outcome, feedback was rarely provided which resulted in very little room for improvement. The interview process is notorious for harbouring fear, anxiety and nervousness among young adults, and we wanted to break that cycle. We brainstormed various potential solutions and concluded that the development of strong interpersonal and speaking skills are crucial in order to take the next steps to becoming more confident during interviews.

What is intervYOU?

Imagine an infinite resource that allows you to strengthen your professional, speaking and interpersonal skills. The intervYOU gives you the power to take the next steps in your professional career. The web-application asks you thought-provoking interview questions and records your response and analyzes it in real time. Follow-up questions are asked to invoke a stronger response in order to mirror a real interview.

The algorithm analyzes your speech patterns and provides you with intelligible feedback and next steps in order to improve. Intensive research was done to drive the development of the functionality and analysis criteria such as:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Self Bias Recognition
  • Excessive Use of Filler Words
  • Repetition
  • Factive Verbs
  • Assertive Verbs
  • Hedging

Ultimately, YOU are the one who decides your future, are you ready to take that next steps.


We began our brainstorming process by using mind maps to determine problems we face in our every day lives that affect millions around the world. We detected who it affects, where, when, how, and lastly why? This lead to the ideation of an interviewing process. We researched potential solutions and technologies that exist that may aid us in the development. Finally, we decided to integrate Google Cloud speech-to-text, text-to-speech and natural language processing engine API along with several independent functions through the use of python. This resulted in the creation of initial UI interfaces, shell scripts, and back end development to create a prototype.

Challenges Encountered

  • Ensuring and intuitive feedback experience
  • A lack of UI/UX design strengths

Proud Accomplishments

  • Implementing Google Cloud APIs (speech-to-text, text-to-speech, natural language processing)
  • Gained an understanding of full-stack development
  • Development of a service that impacts many like-minded individuals
  • Networking with hackers from all around the world

What We Learned

  • Command line (bash, terminal) controls to increase programming output efficiency
  • The true meaning of full-stack development and the challenges that developers face (we aren't and never will be full-stack developers)
  • Sleep is important

What's next for interval?

Our hope is to continue to develop the application by implementing more features to provide users with the best interviewing experience. These features include: facial recognition, signal processing of the data to produce more accurate results, resume parsing for a more tailored experience. Lastly, it is our goal to find a UI/UX developer who would be able to take this experience to the next level by implementing an interactive web and mobile application. Further extensions include Google Home/Mini integration for touchless interaction.

Meet the Team

Member Position
Amiel Suarez Mechanical Engineer
Fares Issa Computer Engineer
Rylee Thompson Electrical Engineer

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