Kontap: Making Exchanging Contact Information Simpler

In today's day and age, nearly everyone has some form of social media, and most people have accounts on more than one service. This use of social media has become so prevalent that one of the first things that occurs upon meeting new people is the exchange of contact information, usernames, etc. This sharing of information, which we had both grown so accustomed to after our freshman orientations, is often tedious and time consuming, which led us to consider if there was a better way. Thus was born Kontap, a new way to exchange social media and contact information. With Kontap, all you need to do to get someone's phone number, email address, Instagram handle, and so on, is to scan their QR code. Once you've scanned their code, they are instantly added to your Kontap contact list, where you can view their information and directly add them to your device's contact list. With Kontap, the hassle of exchanging contact information is taken away, giving you the chance to focus on your main goal, connecting.

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