We want people to make the best use of their first degree connections on LinkedIn to achieve their goals in life. Often times, we have amazing ideas that go to waste because we weren't able to find enough people to help fulfill that idea and we don't know where to look. It is surprising how much you can learn from a person's LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn's search feature digs through a user's whole profile and searches for keywords all throughout. And sometimes, we may even miss out on big opportunities for our careers because we were too anxious about our first contact with a stranger on LinkedIn to strike up a conversation. Our tool allows people to move faster and it makes sure that one doesn't miss out on their dreams because they were nervous to send that first message. We've found this to be useful for the following example scenarios:

A community director wants to organize a rather big dance class, but she is not sure of how she could get multiple volunteers to help. Using our tool, she can quickly search through her LinkedIn connections for people with dance experience and use our templates to send them messages. The more messages sent, the more likely someone is going to respond.

A person is interested in building a startup, and want to talk to as many potential partners as possible.

A fresh grad is desparate in looking for jobs, and have to send many personal messages and e-mails to recruiters. etc.

Due to LinkedIn APIs not being readily available for non-exclusive users, we decided to use Puppeteer to automate most of the process.

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