Friendly Finance -Making banking and financial transactions easy and accessible with voice assistance-

We chose to pursue a project that would promote financial wellness and improve user experience. Because we also wanted to incorporate voice technology, we thought about how we could leverage that to improve accessibility for blind users. Presently, managing finances presents a challenge for disabled, and especially for blindusers, as over-the-phone-customer assistance and help from family or friends are often required for these users to manage accounts.

But what if disabled users were empowered to take control of their own personal finances? What if users could utilize existing voice command technologies to review bank statements, make transfers, and bank statements? While researching, we learned some blind users depend on family members or friends to perform these tasks for them. We brainstormed how we could make these tasks more convenient.

Using Nessie, the Capital One Hackathon API; Dialogflow via Cloud Functions for Firebase; and the Google Actions simulator, we create ways for users to perform several financial tasks through a series of simple voice commands. Users can find ATMs nearby, check up on their account balance, and pay bills. We also included some snazzy additions, such as the inclusion of inspiring financial quotes and a nerdy computer science joke.

Built With

  • cloud-platform
  • dialogflow
  • google-actions
  • nessie-capital-one-hackathon-api
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