I wanted to create a simple game that encourages kids to learn valuable programming ideas while also having fun! I did this by creating an HTML, Javascript webpage and integrated the Marvel API into the page by retrieving character information and images.

Inspiration Ever since I discovered coding, I fell in love with the amazing feeling and problem solving I could do. I want to introduce kids to this same feeling because it is truly my passion. Kids learning logic behind programming at a young age can really help them towards a great future.

What it does Heroes Code is a website that connects to the Marvel API, retrieves character information, and allows the user to play a small game and see the concept of coding.

How we built it I had never made a web page, so I decided to try something new and go with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. I started by connecting to the API and retrieving information

Challenges we ran into I had some issues connecting with the API, but realized I just needed the exact information. I have never done any web development or design work, so I really struggled to learn, but I ended up learning a lot and getting through most of it. I also had issues getting the text box entry of functions to work in time, so had to go with a more simple idea in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of I am very proud of the design and web stuff I learned and achieved quickly.

What we learned I learned how to connect to an API, use web development and set up a simple page and game.

What's next for Heroes Code In the future I would like to make a more interactive game, that allows the user to type in commands and then visualize results. I also think some sort of scoring and improvements for maximum learning would be great, as well as a reward system of possibly comics.

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