Gathr is a simple social mobile application that gets like minded people with similar interests, passions, or hobbies together. We provide the platform so people can join others and connect with their community at large. We're working on developing an application that is more user friendly with a better design, with a better user experience, and targeted more towards younger people. We know that the retention rate on meetup is low because they have a bad product and application and it is catered just towards groups. We also plan to be the place where you can get your tickets to events and concerts, because we see a great opportunity of making something better than what is already out there. Overall, we're mixing meetup and eventbrite. We're also working on establishing a premium service option in which the user pays 10 dollars a month to have access to all the gym and events in a specific area based on their interests and hobbies. With this social platform we would implement a streaming service model in the real world . All of this and many more things we hope to have within our product. This is just a small glimpse . We see a lot of opportunity in this because as social media and technology further isolates us. This is a unique social platform that will actually work so that you can socialize again in real life and meet individuals you wouldn't have had the chance to meet if it wasn't for Gathr. Gathr around for the real social network.

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