To see a world more connected. To see a generation of kids dominated social media and other socially isolating technologies start to use technology to bring us together instead of farther apart

What it does

Gethr uses GPS positioning to locate people nearby that have similar interests and places them on a map with a fixed radius (dependent on the user). After they select a person, group or event to participate in Gethr offers them directions to the location and a notification to remind them of the agreed meet up time

How we built it

The scope of the overall project was too large for this hackathon so we dedicated our time towards creating templates which could give a better idea of what we'd like the app to look a bit more like in the future. The web side was built in HTML, CSS and JS and the mock-up design for the web app was created using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Version control was done via git

Challenges we ran into

One of our largest challenges was definitely getting everyone properly connected to the same repo. With a few tweaks everything with it was handled. Other challenges definitely included disagreements with the name and image of the project though we were able to tackle the issue in a civil matter

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functioning prototype that we didn't expect to finish in time

What we learned

git and web design

What's next for HackFSU-Project

Finalizing it into a fully functional application!

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