In developing countries where wait times are long due to the significant flow of patients in the hospital at a given time, Medtrack aims at reducing this heavy flow by establishing a better, more sophisticated communication channel between doctors and patients. As such, the app helps in better organising check-ups and dealing with emergencies.

What it does

MedTrack is a Platform-as-a-service software solution to integrate medical services to improve healthcare access in the developing world. It reduces hospital wait times by enabling patients to book hospital visits entirely online. For doctors, it helps them better communicate with patients, as well as to collaborate with other healthcare providers. MedTrack saves patient information in an EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) so that the patient's medical data can be shared with doctors, insurance providers and lab technicians. The software integrates dissected healthcare infrastructure in developing nations by building an infrastructure for healthcare providers to work collaboratively to aid their patients.

How we built it

We used ReactJS for the frontend. Firebase is our backend for authentication, storage and real-time database.

Challenges we ran into

  • Not enough time to implement the backend of the web app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a prototype with a good user interface given the time constraint

What we learned

  • Gain better insight into the healthcare system.
  • Learned about EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • New technologies and libraries.
  • Learned to collaborate between teammates.

What's next for Hackfrost Challenge - Medtrack by Lambda

  • Work on the backend; implement the logic.
  • Connect with a mentor/healthcare professionals to improve the product/idea.

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