Project Inspiration

  • Original need from a SCU alumnus. Go Broncos!
  • West Coast Swing is a largely improvisatory dance form, descendent of 50’s Lindy Hop
  • Aspiring competitive West Coast Swing dancer who needs a little help finding the "1" at times.
  • Dance movements often require knowledge of the specific beat count.
  • To find the “1", that means we had to understand beat detection.
  • Where is the 1,2,3,4 in music?
  • We began an investigation of various algorithms in the context of our musical training and found a very complicated signal processing problem. It led to visualizations in virtual reality and a wearable solution.

Where is Swing Beat headed after the hackathon?

  • Create and expand visualizations as works of art.
  • Inspire others in making art of their own.
  • Help people learn to dance better
  • Continued research. Make improvements in real time beat detection algorithms and publish our results.
  • Take dance platforms to market.

Note: repository not submitted with permission of hackathon organizers for future development and release

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