HackForever brings an always-on hackathon to your area! Discover cool projects in your city or school or instantly find talented team members for your next big hack.

Need a project to work on? HackForever shows you a live map of real hackers working on cool projects around you. You can contact them instantly or visit them wherever they're hacking, whether it's a coffee shop, a makerspace, or even an office.

Need to recruit talent for your big idea? Pin your project to the map and invite hackers to visit while you're working on it. HackForever is the perfect tool to find like-minded co-founders and pitch your project to them at the best time possible: while you're creating it!

HackForever will revolutionize the world by effectively bringing hackers with similar interests, talents, and geographical locations together who would otherwise never meet, catalyzing the next generation of hacks.

Hackathons are the best place to incubate startup ideas and network with the most talented people in the industry. HackForever brings a never-ending hackathon to your city!

Launching in the University of Michigan area, including Ann Arbor (more areas coming very soon!) through our mobile app and web app. Suggest your city by emailing hacknow@hackforever.com.

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