Swisscom challenge

What it does

This Android mobile app can do the following things:

  • Easy Sign In with Google account
  • Add some additional user info
  • Add a profile image
  • Record voice notes of customized-by-user autogenerated sentences
  • Listen to our voice notes and repeat it
  • Find other interest users, based on gender, preferences and so on
  • Show profile image with blur filter of other users
  • Listen to the voice notes recorded by other users
  • Check if the other people voice notes has good quality (to improve the train audio dataset)
  • Select if the suggested user is appropriate for you or not

How we built it

We have built the mobile app with Android and backend side with Firebase

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrate with Google LogIn
  • Use Firebase system to connect the users and save their info
  • Use Firebase storage to manage audio files

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have achieved a good result even that we are a two-people team

What we learned

  • Use Google LogIn
  • Use Firebase to manage multimedia files
  • Improve our Android skills

What's next for HackFlirt

  • A chat view to the communications between matched users
  • Inform to user that he has bad quality voice notes

Built With

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