As someone who use SWVL in our daily lives ourselves, we have faced this issue ourselves. Often times riders aren’t sure where to pick us up as our University is quite far from the city and many people are unaware of the area there. Likewise, many students are also not aware where the rider will drop them off. So we thought this idea would help many people in getting accustomed to their pickup / dropoff stops.

What it does

It helps riders find their desired pick-up and drop-off locations more easily!

How we built it

We designed the prototype using figma and we created a mobile app module that could be easily integrated in to existing mobile application since we used the same framework that SWVL used.

What we learned

We learned the importance of teamwork and management. We also learnt a great deal about how apps like SWVL operate.

What's next for Hackfest - SWVL #1

If SWVL allows us to integrate our idea into their current app, we would happily contribute to it. :)

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