Hack Estimate: Travel Reimbursement

Solving the problem of travel reimbursement problem for hackathon organizers. HackEstimate is the ultimate hackathon organizer tool to fairly and successfully estimate and distribute travel reimbursement.


Travel Reimbursement has been a widely discussed topic in the hackathon community. It has played a huge role in the development of the nationwide or global hackathon culture. Although, we realize its advantages most of us agree that there is huge cost associated with it. It costs 10s of thousands of dollars to the hackathon organizers to be able to give reimbursements to the hackers.

The problem isn't that Travel Reimbursement doesn't give enough value to the hackathons, but rather it is that we don't have the best solutions to estimate our travel budgets and intelligently distribute the right amounts of money to a vast diverse group of hackers coming from all across the country and from different backgrounds.


HackEstimate Solves this problem by solving the optimization problem, and giving the organizers an interactive interface to tweek according to their preferences.

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