This is my first hackathon and I wanted to see who else around the world was as excited as I was for it.

What it does

Uses a simplified library to search twitter for posts related to local hack day and displays them on the console

How I built it

Using the TwitterSearch library from github (link in code), and simply parsing to the command line

Challenges I ran into

Original plans involving a raspberry pi and LEDs to show where posts are coming from never happened due to the school's network security blocking remote connections.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just making it here to try something new

What I learned

Always check your networks before attempting to connect remotely to your raspberry pi

What's next for HackerTracker

Go home and actually get the "HackerMap" set up, attach some LEDs to the GPIO port on the raspberry pi and light up countries/continents as tweets come in from them.

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