We started the hacker's club at Iowa and wanted to make something to help our new members find reasonably close hackathons to attend.

What it does

This is a straightforward, two-input site that returns all hackathons within a certain radial distance of your location. You can adjust this distance and can conveniently visit their sites.

How we built it

We split it up into two tasks - obtaining logistical information for the hackathons via the web and creating the site itself. Java was primarily used for the first task, while HTML5, CSS with Bootstrap, and JavaScript were used for the second.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us have done web dev before.

In particular, Thomas had to learn how to perform web crawling, and Richard had to throw together Bootstrap with Google Maps while building his first website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works.


We had to do some temporary hard coding of information for the system to fully operate, but we were able to have individual components working.

What's next for HackerTracker

We will hopefully start from scratch with our newfound dev skills and attempt to make a cleaner, more robust version for our Iowa hackers!

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