What it is

The Ghost Blew Out the Light is an interactive 2d puzzle game like no other. With twists and turns no one would expect, players will be mind blown.

The More You the Worse it is

As little children we were always told not to be greedy. Sometimes taking one extra candy bar can lead to dreadful food poisoning. Putting these ideas into play, we introduce to you the secrets of our game. Although gold and fortune is desirable, too much can lead to one’s downfall. As players wander through the ruins of the dead Emperor, they will be faced with the option to pick up lots of shiny treasure. The more that is picked up, the more the “Fortune Bar” is filled, the better it is. Right? The truth is, picking up these treasures will likely be the death of the adventurers due to the Emperor’s curse - Unnoticeable weight that will drag you down to where the Emperor lies.


The Ghost Blew Out the Light was created based off of a Chinese fantasy story of the same name. We were inspired by the eeriness surrounding the ruins and all the secrets it held. We wanted to reflect that in our game by filling it with lots of surprises and twists. Just like how the adventurers in the story are being constantly shocked by new puzzles and discoveries, players will get to experience a roller-coaster of revelations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team with no experience in game development, we are very proud of our ideas and product. We are not only passionate about the code we were able to produce, but also the story and lessons that our game provides!

What's next for The Ghost Blew Out the Light

January 16th marks the birth of The Ghost Blew Out the Light, and January 17th will not be the death of it. We have thought of so many interactions and puzzles that we have not yet implemented. For the future, we plan to add in these ideas as well as refine the UI to make the player’s experience frictionless.

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