We've asked "When do we get food?" one too many times!

What it does

It will tell you whenever there is something happening at the hackathon based on it's timetable. It's very simple, you just snap a pic of the timetable at the beginning and a service will run in the background of your phone, reminding you whenever something interesting happens(or food arrives :)) trough top-bar notifications. It's simple and efficient, yet not as easy to make as people think :D

How we built it

We integrated camera functionality and used Azure's neat Computer Vision API to translate the image of the timetable into text, then we created a background service that checks every minute if something is up based on the timetable data that the app gathers.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with: the camera, the CV API, notifications, and the background service :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had no previous experience when it comes to something like this. We're really proud of being able to integrate the API, the camera and background services, tasks that we're split between us.

What we learned

Not to commit .idea to Git.

What's next for HackerSchedule

Finishing it and using it for next hackathons, probably releasing it onto play store too for others to enjoy :)

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