It's been a while since I really spent time designing a full web page. So I thought I'd have fun rebranding the ChallengePost homepage, with a different and quirky theme: a pond.

The goal was to put an emphasis on hackers and the community.

The header

It features a bunch of cool pond elements to set the atmosphere and introduces the mascot!

Big focus on the portfolio of a featured hacker, because that's what matters.

Project types

One thing we want people to understand is that ChallengePost is for all types of projects, not just hacks, or on the contrary, complete, polished apps. You can add games, simple features you're proud of etc.

The icons

The four icons above are not images, it's 100% CSS! Makes it easy to do cool animations like these:

Showcasing cool hackers

Our hacker community is straight up awesome. Let's feature some of the most active and creative hackers here!

Don't forget hackathons and challenges

Hackathons and online challenges are a big part of what makes ChallengePost awesome. That's where the community meet, and compete.

I redesigned the current hackathon thumbnails that are really getting old...


  • bigger, horizontal header that's more in tune with the actual challenge header
  • showcases the organization behind the hackathon
  • features some of the people who registered
  • allows users to register right away

The whole design

If you want to see the whole design in one page, take a look here:

That's it, hope you liked it!

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