The idea for this app came to me since I was once the type of user this platform will hopefully attract. Getting started in CS is a challenge for most people - you think you might know some stuff and think its pretty easy to keep learning, until the harsh reality hits you in the face that finding resources to learn and work through code can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Since I was in these shoes, I wish I had someone who had some more experience than I did to show me some super helpful resources I wish I knew about, advice, and direct help that would've made my whole journey easier. To top it off, it would be fantastic if there was a way to simply find the best resources for the project I'm working on from a community of people. That's where a platform like HackerMentor could help.

This is an app designed specifically to allow students new to CS especially in first and second year to find and remain in connection with a mentor with a similar background to where you want to be. The mentor will be in contact with the student on a regular basis to help them through CS. This would be a paid service, almost a premium like tutoring but cheaper, so students can get access to quality and dedicated help from their mentor

What it does

The protoge (the student in need of mentoring) has a dashboard where they can see a message board for asynchronous messages left by their mentor, their projects in progress and completed, recommended projects suggested by their mentor, recommended resources and YouTube channels for learning from the mentor, and a chat system to allow for live communication (unable to implement due to time constraints). This allows the mentor to see their progress and what they're working on for any time the protoge needs help.

How I built it

I first designed the website in Figma and created a typography heirarchy to guide my fonts. Then I recreated the project layout from my notes into a django webapp, creating models and fields to make the app functional. Due to time constraints and technical issues, I was unable to post to Github or launch live, but will in the future at this repo address:

What I learned

I learned to effectively plan out a large scale project with django and use Figma to do rapid prototyping

What's next for HackerMentor

I plan to implement some the features I wasn't able to such as a like system to promote community uploaded resources and a messaging system for communication between student and mentor

Built With

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