Our app took inspiration from Tinder meme. While using Tinder, I was thinking about getting a date-mate so easy nowadays. People just sitting online, read the information people provided, swipe to choose and wait, So what if you can also find a mentor that easy to help in study in general. I am a person who also studies abroad. I understand that the application process is really tired. Students have to consider so many things such as financial problem, which school will match student's interests, etc. So the first important thing is to have a company; a mentor who can help you in the applying process. The mentor and the mentee will have a separate profile to see if they fit with their expectations. A mentee is looking for someone who studied or have experience with schools strengthen in Computer Science, etc. And a mentor who graduated or easier in helping student interested in Computer science will match each other. Both of them will read other profile to see if they can help or work with each other or not. Then swipe. The OCR will be put in the chat part of the app. Student can chat with their advisor to getting advice and ask for help in filing applications at the same time In our opinion, this app not only helps students in filling the forms but also help student talk to their "right" advisor. We also consider putting two different users as mentee aspect. Once is Bedrock's students, who already pay and wait to help, once is student outside Bedrock community. Of course, we will put Bedrock's student is a priority, which will have the percentage of match higher. But the purpose of letting other students access can help in marketing for the center.

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