Tired of standing in long lines after extremely long bus journeys, we decided to work for the coding community for once - aim, to fix the problem that has long plagued us.

What it does

Using the beacons from Estimote, we designed a way for participants to be able to check-in for an event as soon as they are within a suitable range of the venue. This would be done from their own devices and on terms with their own laziness, allowing them to skip the long lines so that they can get their lazy asses to the hacking place as soon as possible. We also eliminate the need of wristbands for such events.

How I built it

The server side of 'HackerFlow' was built using Microsoft Azure and both the participant and organization apps were built in Android. Work is still in progress for iOS.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenges we ran into were running the Mobile App on Microsoft Azure. Also, there were errors while using Twilo in our Android app. On our iOS front, I faced quite a lot of challenges but that was primarily owing to my inexperience with Swift.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We gained a lot of knowledge about working with servers and using new and amazing technologies like Microsoft Azure and Twilio and then integrating them into our amazing idea that enhances the laziness in us coders.

What I learned

We learned a lot about how to use Azure in conjunction with Android, and also a ton about iOS app development.

What's next for HackerFlow

Developing 'HackerFlow' for all platforms and making it a reality. This will be of help not just at hackathons but also finds use in a variety of other cases like restaurants, hospitals, among others. Our aim is simple - 'Help lazy people take the minimum effort'!

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