Last year at CalHacks 3.0 I nearly crapped my pants. There were over 1,500 hackers and a very limited amount of stalls, so this tragedy was bound to happen. From that hackathon forth, I vowed to create an app that would eliminate this problem so that no one would have to suffer the way I did.

What it does

HackerCrapper allows hackathon hackers to schedule their bathroom breaks which in turn

How I built it

Expo was used to create the frontend which dazzles the eyes. Microsoft Azure was used for hosting a Parse Dashboard and an Expo push notification server which dazzles the dizzie.

Challenges I ran into

I could not get the Node JS resource on Azure to host a simple push notification server, so I created a virtual Ubuntu machine, SSHed into it, and ran hit the server through it's public ip address. (Thanks Timmy)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally got real, legit remote push notifications working. That's really cool. Thanks Expo and Azure =)

What I learned

How to send push notifications, refreshed my express skills

What's next for HackerCrapper

Definitely restroom stall reviews and the ability to pass when it's your turn to go to the restroom because you know that stall is clogged or out of toilet paper or something like that.


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