Part of our inspiration came from the Team building and Ideation activity last Friday where there was a discussion of how we are still using paper wristbands and nurses still use whiteboards to keep up with the children's health. That's where the idea of a digital wristband came in. Other apps like Fitbit and Life360 also played a huge role in our inspirations

What it does

The Hacker Tracker is an app that provides information regarding the patient's health conditions and locations for the caregivers and nurses to view by syncing with digital wristbands given to the patients upon admission to the hospital

How we built it

We used the MIT app inventor to create the layout of the app

Challenges we ran into

We're high school students, so we're fresh off the boat essentially beginners. We didn't have the technical skills like some of our experienced competitors, but we have ideas. The biggest challenge was getting our app to work properly with all the buttons and logins. Our next challenge was surprisingly coming up with a name for our project. We had trouble coming with a creative name that best reflected our work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually completing the code and getting everything to work was our greatest accomplishment we're proud of.

What we learned

We got to experience our first hackathon and learned a lot from the workshops including presenting and how technology is changing our healthcare.

What's next for Hacker Tracker

We definitely need to upgrade this prototype app into a better working app using a more professional app builder. We also need to figure out the logistics of the digital wristband. After we have all the technical problems solved (which will probably be a few years as we develop our technical skills), then we can go ahead and maybe pitch the idea to investors or hospitals.

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