We are two of the organizers for VolHacks at The University of Tennessee Knoxville. Every year we wonder about how many hackers are attending events, getting food, stopping by the sponsor table. With Hacker Tracker we are able to see how many hackers are stopping by each of the stations. We will also provide a live dashboard that will allow the organizers to see statistics that way they are able to keep up with the happenings at the event. One of the largest aspects of this projects

What it does

The goal would be to run multiple raspberry pies with 125 KHz RFID scanners attached to them. Each of these would act as a node. We would have some at the registration table that way as hackers came in we could provide them with their lanyard and the rfid tag. As the hackers move throughout the event we would ask the to voluntarily scan themselves in at each location (tech talks, sponsor booths, meals, and other activities) that way we can help provide sponsors with much needed feedback regarding attendance. The nodes would all have the ability to be re purposed since they share the same script you just have to define the key which is the event or table name, then the endpoint location which would be (event, food, and registration).

While this data is being accumulated throughout the event, the organizers will have a live dashboard. The best example of this is having a node on each cooler that way we can predict how empty a cooler is without having to go around to all 4 floors to see if they are empty or not. This data is also available to the hackers to use in their projects, we have removed any personal information that way all data is anonymous.

How we built it

This project is built using Flask to server the endpoints. The service is hosted on my Ubuntu based server at home currently where we were able to host the SQL database .

Challenges we ran into

A few challenges we ran into is not knowing flask well enough before hand to have a seamless deployment. We were able to overcome all the challenges that faced us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we have a working product that we can make better overtime and 100% use at VolHacks this September 28th through 30th!

What we learned

Flask was one of the bigger ones for us since we had never used it as an API endpoint before.

What's next for Hacker Tracker

In the future we want to make sure that we are able to get the Pis running the nodes and that we have a live dashboard for the organizers.

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