In accordance with the theme of the MLH birthday hackathon, which was to promote hackers and hackathons we decided to build something which would help hackers to showcase their projects and design their curriculum vitae in an impressive and unique manner using the medium of Augmented Reality.Our project would instill the motivation and confidence in aspiring developers to participate in more and more hackathons which would in turn improve their resume.The reason we chose AR moreover in the creation of our app is because this enables to give the normal boring a new interesting touch.

What it does

Hacker's Valise is our way of aiding aspiring developers and hackers in creating documents, or to be specific in creation of a pofessional

portfolio in a unique manner using AR.To start with we have a signup in which the user can register themselves and then can login themselves using a password to access the app. Thereafter we have 4 sections namely Captivating Portfolio- This section helps the user to present their resume in Augmented Reality.The user can clearly showcase the various projects created by them , demo of the project, their specific role in the mentioned project.They can edit,add or delete any project conveniently as and when they desire.

Video Resume- In this section the user can easily record their video resume and display in AR mode. As we all know the ongoing trend of video resume, due to many pros it carries mainly the recruiters can clearly witness the body language and the confidence with which one is carrying himself/herself.So this is our mere try to help making the video resume presentation interesting for the users to create and all the more appealing to the recruiters as well

Hackathon hub- This directs the users to various famous hackathon hubs such as devpost,devfolio and many more.Here the user can navigate easily through ongoing and upcoming hackathons and their themes respectively.This helps the user to clearly figure out the perfect suited hackathon for the project they have created by sinking in their teeth.

Anxiety combat- This section of our app is dedicated to the newbies to the hackathon world.For it is known to experience anxiety and nervousness before the very first hackathon.This section would be providing the users with the tips and tricks of the trade.This would lead you to various videos of the professional hackers who have been acing various high level hackathons at national level.So you learn and feel the motivation right.YOU GOT THIS!

And we can also save ourselves from the hassles from carrying all the documents,certificates, pojects to every internship or job interview.The users can simply access the app though

their mobile phones or laptop, and can continue with the presentation of their achievements in a clear ,vivid and confident manner.

How we built it

 We built it on unity using markerless AR and various plugins, with the help of the language C#.We also used Firebase of Google Cloud for the registration system of our app.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that after hours of debugging and brainstorming sessions we were able to combat the errors of various scripts and plugins used in creation of the AR video resume section. And it finally worked as it was desired by our team members.And we are happy too, in giving a new perspective to our age old practice of creating resumes and curriculam vitae.

What we learned

We learned the use of Augmented Reality through Unity and also explored Firebase which was another a new experience for us.

What's next for Hacker's Valise

We have thought of inculcating an additional component which would fetch various job opportunities amongst various MNCs,organizations in accordance with the portfolio and video 

resume uploaded and saved by the user.The user can easily surf through various opportunities and apply wherever they wish to.

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